The Town of Troy New Hampshire

Heart of the Monadnock Region

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee meets weekly from October through January to review the Selectmen's proposed budget for the coming year.  The committee may recommend the Selectmen's budget, or they may recommend a change to particular sections of the budget.  When the town votes at town meeting, they are voting on the Budget Committee's recommended budget.  The Budget Committee also recommends that voters approve or not approve any warrant articles that involve appropriating money.


Committee Members

Benjamin Drugg, Chair (2026)

Adam Hopkins, Vice Chair (2025)

Allan Bailey, Secretary (2026)

Tara Chasse (2026)

Jamie Hummel (2027)

Matt Meacham (2025)

Steve Obert (2027)

 Richard HKS Thackston (2025)

Deborah Wilson (2027)

TJ Chasse, Select Board Ex-Officio Member


The Budget Committee meets most Mondays from October through January. 

Meetings begin at 6:00 PM 

The Budget Committee meets at the Gay-Kimball Library.