The Town of Troy New Hampshire

Heart of the Monadnock Region

Transfer Station/Recycling Center

Transfer Station/Recycling Center 

60 Quarry Road
Troy, NH, 03465-0239 
Phone - 242-3500 
Hours of Operation;
Friday - 12:00PM to 4:30PM
Saturday 8:00AM to 4:30PM

Transfer Station/Recycling Center Information




All material brought to the facility for disposal shall be separated into the following categories and deposited in the designated containers or location at the Transfer Station/Recycling Center attendants direct;

  1. ALUMINUM CANS – Empty aluminum beverage containers only; rinse clean; do not crush.
  2. TIN CANS – Rinse clean; labels do not have to be removed.
  3. GLASS BOTTLES/JARS – Clear, green & brown glass bottles & jars, rinse clean; remove lids, labels do not have to be removed; UNBROKEN.
  4. NEWSPAPER – Keep dry; separate glossy papers to go into mixed paper.
  5. MIXED PAPER – Glossy inserts & flyers from newspapers, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, can labels, etc.; keep dry ; dirty paper & wax paper go with trash.
  6. CORRUGATED CARDBOARD – Double-wailed, heavy duty cardboard boxes & brown paper bags; flatten boxes & bags, remove wrapping tape, keep dry.
  7. CHIP BOARD – Soda cartons, egg cartons, cereal boxes, etc.; keep dry.  Put with cardboard.
  8. PLASTIC (#1 CLEAR); clear plastic beverage bottles; rinse & remove cap.
  9. PLASTIC (#2 COLORED); Colored plastic beverage bottles, detergent bottles, rinse & remove caps.
  10. USED CLOTHING – Clean & dry.
  11. USED MOTOR OIL – In leak proof containers.
  12. BATTERIES – Automotive & household.
  13. SCRAP METAL – Aluminum, brass, copper, cast iron, & heavy iron, etc.
  14. BURN PILE – Only brush & untreated wood.  No painted, treated, glued, plywood.
  15. STUMP DUMP – Located next to the Highway Department for brush, wood over 5 inches in diameter and stumps.


The following fees will be paid to the Transfer Station/Recycling Center Attendant before depositing the following non-recyclable items at the designated locations;


Small Bags (15 Gallons) $0.50 Each

Large Bags (33 Gallons) $1.00 Each



Televisions, microwaves & other electric appliances               $0.40/lb.

Flat screen TV’s                                                          $0.50/per inch measured diagonally



Refrigerators, air conditioning unites and dehumidifiers        $10.00 Each


Small Chairs, couches & other small furniture                       $5.00 each

Mattresses (single or double) & carpets                                $5.00 each

King & Queen Mattresses                                                   $10.00 each

Large upholstered furniture (hide-a-beds)                           $10.00 each


Car tires (no rims) 16” or less                                             $2.00 each

Truck tires (no rims) 16” to 20”                                           $5.00 each

Oversized Truck tires (no rims) over 20”                              $10.00 each

Heavy equipment tires – Tractors, Loader, etc.                     $20.00 each


NONE ACCEPTED FROM CONTRACTORS (*Any truck over one ton capacity is not accepted)

 Sheet Rock & Mixed Loads

Fill Pickup Truck Load                                                          $40

½ Pickup Truck load or less                                                  $20

One ton truck load                                                              $75

Shingles                                                         $15 /estimated square

 Other debris & unburnable materials

Pressure Treated Lumber, plywood, painted wood, etc.       $1.00 minimum


Receipts are available from the Transfer Station/Recycling Center Attendant